A taste for meat

There’s a whole philosophy behind this slogan, one that goes beyond the sensory experience our customers obtain from our products – a taste for hard work and a taste for success. Our aim is to do things well and to keep on working to improve every day, because what we do in our business has an impact, both on society and on the environment. Everything we do has to contribute to the common good, providing benefits to livestock farmers and animals, to our employees, to the natural and social worlds and to the final product brought to the family table in our homes, fostering a healthy, diverse and balanced diet that’s also a sustainable one.

And furthermore to do it with passion, effort, hard work, integrity and proximity to our customers.


Quality and the

We are very aware of the responsibility that we have in terms of maintaining and taking care of our surroundings, both for our own good and for that of future generations.

We invest in innovative processes that allow us to minimise our environmental footprint, and that make it possible to conserve resources, for example by reusing the energy that we produce, a commitment to recycling, waste reduction, and collaboration with our suppliers in order to optimise packaging and make it as sustainable as possible.

We have a testing laboratory officially approved by the Regional Government of Aragón where tests are carried out on a daily basis to guarantee the quality of our products.

Additionally, a team of official veterinarians guarantees compliance with norms related to animal welfare and production systems.

We participate in all the process and product audit programmes that are required by our clients, involving all our employees in the effective application of quality assurance and environmental systems.




The team at FRIBIN is the central pillar of the company, and guarantees safety and progress. The well-being of all those who are a part of the company is of course one of our primary objectives. Diversity is important, and we employ workers from different countries who speak different languages, and come from different social and cultural backgrounds. Our social and rural environment means that we are workers, colleagues and neighbours.

We are firmly committed to each and every one of our workers, we implement continuous training and integration plans, and we have even created a Technical Training School for Meat Workers. The results obtained from having a well-trained and integrated workforce, made up of workers who enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having their own medical service and the knowledge that there is constant monitoring of their safety at work, speak for themselves.

Personal development and growth are just as important as inclusion and diversity as tools for cohesion, and are an accurate reflection of the market we serve.


Animal welfare

The first steps we took at FRIBIN in the early sixties were as a group of livestock farmers with common needs and objectives. As the livestock farmers that we used to be, still are and will continue to be, animal welfare has always been a part of our DNA. We are highly sensitive to the development and well-being of our livestock, both on a personal level and because we know that their quality of life has a direct impact on the quality of the end product. A substantial number of our livestock farmers have been working with us for decades, which clearly shows that cooperation and a constant striving for excellence can take us much further. We are a part of the evolution of our sector, and we make technical and technological improvements while carrying out ongoing research in order to keep our certifications up to date and to ensure the implementation of best practices.

We carry out on-farm audits (feed, shelter, health, biosecurity) and our protocols are adapted and modified as we identify possible improvements in animal welfare, including minimisation of stress, reduction of pain, waiting times and proper handling.

Furthermore, we are transparent when it comes to our manufacturing activity, and the opinions of both our suppliers and our customers are important to us as they help us to improve on a daily basis and to offer safe, quality products in a responsible, sustainable way in keeping with customer needs.



In line with our commitment to our employees and clients, we understand that our activities have an influence on the people around us. We’re located in a rural area, and not only are we extremely proud of that fact, but we also want to make a contribution to progress through plans aimed, for example, at improving social integration and equality, or helping the disabled. For this reason, we work in collaboration with different organisations and social institutions.

We take part in job creation programmes, collaborate with universities on research projects and to provide work experience opportunities, and also with schools by helping them to understand the work that we do, together with encouraging responsible consumption and promoting and recruiting young talent.

Each year we invest millions of euros destined to benefit our environment. We create added value by paying our taxes here. We make purchases, contract local services and support initiatives of a markedly social nature.

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