We’ve been operating on the global meat market for over 50 years.

We’re producers of quality meats, specialising in convenience and customised products. We’ve evolved together with our clients, aiming to satisfy that most basic need of human beings, the need for sustenance, and we promote a healthy, natural and balanced diet.

By adding value to what we do, we create wealth and therefore support society by reinvesting in our region, giving back to society, and adding or developing new skills that allow us to be at the cutting edge of the meat market.

And we do it all with the utmost pleasure.








A Privileged Location

FRIBIN is located in one of the best livestock production areas in Europe, and has a recognised and consolidated track record. Direct access to the raw materials allows us to offer a fast, customised service.

Our location in northwest Spain also enables us to access and serve different markets quickly and continuously, by road or sea.



We started our business in 1966 as an Agrarian Colonisation Syndicate in order to provide services to the livestock farmers in the area,



and in 1968 we opened our first slaughterhouse and began operations.



Between 1982 and 1984 we expanded our facilities for the first time with a second slaughterhouse and a new area for cutting and dressing carcasses.


Pioneers in

With Spain’s entry into the European Economic Community, FRIBIN was the first Spanish company to obtain approval to be able to export to the whole of Europe. And so our international odyssey began.


We’re still

Our philosophy has been to prioritise reinvestment as a driver of growth and specialisation. This is what our founding partners believed, and it’s what we have always done. During these years we embarked on the creation of two reservoirs to provide water, as well as a treatment plant. We also set up our laboratory, with the approval of the Regional Government of Aragón.


Pioneers in traceability, food safety and animal welfare

Between 2000 and 2002, we built a new area for butchering beef carcasses, and expanded our refrigeration capacity with the purchase of several intelligent freezing chambers.
Committed to animal welfare, we installed an innovative carousel system for the slaughter of pigs, and invested in traceability systems for our products.


We’re increasing our
pork production

The new pork cutting room was undoubtedly the most ambitious investment of 2006. While working on the design, we visited the leading European cutting plants and opted for state-of-the-art technology.


We’re celebrating our
50th anniversary

It was time to innovate and to change our corporate image.

A celebration in style, and one that was accompanied by a further commitment to the future. This time it was the changing rooms, training rooms and the walkways providing access to the plant that were targeted for investment. We also enlarged the site in preparation for future expansion.


State-of-the-art facilities

In 2018, we launched our most ambitious investment plan: the renovation of the entire pig slaughter line and the total separation of the cattle and pig lines throughout the production process.


Looking to the future

We are investing in new canteens for our employees, and have expanded the surface area of our facilities by more than 5 hectares in order to provide us with the space we need to continue growing and to be able to distribute our meat throughout the world.

We are opening a new shop in Huesca with a fresh new look.


We are a leading international meat company, with a presence in more than 30 countries. Today, FRIBIN products reach all corners of the world, with an emphasis on Europe, Asia and Africa.

We manufacture our products in accordance with the controls and standards applicable in each country, complying with international regulations and always with respect for the culture of each region.


South America




Allows for the improvement of quality assurance systems and processes within our organisation, resulting in improved management and performance.

ISO 9001

Helps us to implement strategies and put in place measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our daily activities.

ISO 9001

The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers that certifies that we manufacture goods safely throughout the whole process.

The BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium) certifies that our fresh, cooked and cured cold cuts and our ham are manufactured according to this international standard guaranteeing food safety, traceability and quality.

The RSA certificate endorses the set of actions taken and commitments for the future in the economic, social, and environmental fields, which go beyond legal requirements, as we voluntarily implement initiatives with social, ethical, and environmental responsibility.


See Quality Control Policy

CERTICAR is the first Spanish company accredited by ENAC to certify Agro-Food Products. The organisation supervises and controls the beef distributed under the “FRIBIN Selección” trademark.
With our certified ‘FRIBIN Selección’ meat, we have contributed to the strengthening of food safety guarantees for beef. Behind this unique seal of quality is an independent body that oversees the entire process, from farm to fork.
In this way, as a consumer you can be sure that you’re taking home a safe, top quality product.

Over 40 products have been identified by the regional Government of Aragón and awarded this stamp of quality for being of exceptional culinary and nutritional value.

In order for a food, product or service to be considered Halal, it must adhere to Islamic law as defined in the Koran, in keeping with the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS), and the teachings of Islamic scholars. This means that our products can be consumed with total peace of mind.

Our principles