“Heat recovery system”: FRIBIN receives assistance for its energy efficiency improvement project

Tuesday, 17 of December 2019

FRIBIN, S.A.T. Nº 1269 R.L. has received a grant for its energy saving and efficiency project “HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM” from the NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY FUND  managed by the INSTITUTE FOR THE DIVERSIFICATION AND SAVING OF ENERGY (IDAE) and part-financed by the European Union through the 2014 to 2020 European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme. An energy saving and efficiency project was developed with the aim of installing heat recovery systems on rotary-screw compressors, to free up the Exergy+ system from its defrosting function and allow it to heat water. This required collaboration from the leading equipment manufacturers in the sector to provide major energy and environmental savings, achieving an estimated saving of 46.93 toe/year.